Lotus Dining has implemented the most stringent hygiene guidelines in place for our staff to protect both you and them from COVID-19.

We have stressed to our staff to stay away from work if they feel unwell in any way at all, to self isolate and have themselves tested if they have come into, or believe they may have, come into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

All staff: Hand hygiene guideline: to either wash hands or use hand sanitiser every 20 minutes, for both food preparation and service staff.

Wear surgical masks whether prepping, cooking or serving food; or also when packing and delivering food for pick up and/or home delivery.

Kitchen staff: Wear caps to cover hair; wipe down metal and other food preparation surfaces regularly with antibacterial, antimicrobial spray (and other surfaces such as taps, handrails, door handles, etc)

Service staff: Regular cleaning of surfaces such as phone (mobile and fixed line), POS, Eftpos terminals, door handles, computers, taps, etc.

Delivery staff: Regular cleaning of surfaces within delivery vehicles; wear masks and gloves when delivering food

Health Advice